Posted by: getolife | July 24, 2011

Welcome to Getolife Publishing!

Getolife publishing specializes in self-help books for situations that seem to defy all the logical answers. If life were easy, we wouldn’t be here.

Our first book, currently being updated and formatted for ereading was written for those who have tried all of the other books, consultants and detailed plans for getting their life and home organized yet continue to struggle.

The new version of WHATEVER WORKS will be available as an eBook in October 2011. It will include all of the information from the original book, the email classes, and articles all revised and worked together to be a more cohesive manual for the hopelessly disorganized. Grab your favorite organizing tools and Let’s Get Organized!

LOVE HAS ITS UPS AND DOWNS: with a bipolar spouse is the manual for living with a bipolar wife or husband. There are many books that tell you how to support a person with a mental illness, but this one tells it from the perspective of someone who has been living in that situation for many years, someone who knows that supporting a partner is important, but that keeping your identity and sanity intact is equally important.

With plenty of general information, my own story, and tips on how to make it work for you, LOVE HAS ITS UPS AND DOWNS is currently available as an eBook and will be available in print in October 2011.

BURNT OFFERINGS is a short holiday cookbook with all of the recipes you need to cook simple traditional holiday meals and treats. Nothing in the book that can’t be done on a budget. All of the instructions you need to guarantee success. If you’ve never cooked a holiday meal or if you’ve struggled to do it, BURNT OFFERINGS will get you through it this year with more fun and less stress. Burnt Offerings will be available in eBook format in September 2011 so you can read through it in plenty of time for Thanksgiving.

Links to sites where you can preview and purchase all of the books will be available here. I will also be posting more information about each of the books and offering free gift copies of the eBooks as they are released.


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