Posted by: getolife | March 25, 2012

One Week Self-Employed

I have survived one week of self-employment and am learning just how hard it can be to just say “NO” to everyone who is trying to steal the time I have set aside for work. I know that I can’t jump for every little thing, but I’m going to have to really believe that this is my full-time job and that I have the right to stay at work when someone needs a ride or a loan or whatever crazy thing people need.

I did get my website deleted and the new one started with WORDPRESS on my own domain. I got several pages posted and a couple blog posts. I finished the workbook to go with my book and posted links to a WORD and a PDF downloadable file.

I also wrote a couple posts on support groups related to the bipolar spouse topic to build my reputation as a helpful resource and an expert of sorts. I took Tuesday off because it was my birthday. 

I discovered an interview I had done earlier that was posted about a month ago and posted the link to that to my facebook page–it was an interview about my marriage (the same angle as the topic of my book) and included links to the page that sells my book. 

I designed some bookmarks to use as give-aways. I had to wait to print them out because the black ink cartridge is almost empty and so was my bank account. I am looking for a paper cutter so I can get them cut properly, but that’s not a serious problem.

All-in-all, I did get a lot done on my first week, just not nearly as much as I’d hoped.  Meet me back here next week-end and see if I can up my productivity.


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