Posted by: getolife | July 23, 2016

Has it Been Five Years?

While I haven’t worked full time in the last five years, I haven’t spent the time I had hoped on my writing career either. At first I did a lot of marketing and pushed the book in every place I was allowed, but there never seemed to be a link between what I was doing and how well the book was selling. I had good months and months where I didn’t sell a book on any platform.

This spring I couldn’t afford the cost to keep my website hosting and my site has been down for a few months now. Little did I know, the website may have been more profitable than I’d imagined. Sales have totally tanked. Everywhere. Ebook and paperback.

So here I sit with no money to get the site running and no sales.And I’m working on another book and should probably start working on an updated edition of Love, but it feels pretty hopeless.How will I promote the new book if what people have been doing is checking out my website before checking out at Amazon? Will anyone buy the book?

I know I can work on making one of these blogs into a site for the new book and maybe another for the updated book, but it takes time and we need money now. Do I work my buns off and get the books published and the blogs set up and pray that it starts making money soon? Or do I start looking for a “real” job with regular paychecks?

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