Posted by: getolife | June 25, 2019

Discipleship Journey Beginning

I’ve broken the silence and told a small group of people the plan, so now I’m writing it down. I’m looking for people to join me on this journey and I’m asking for a commitment, so am not going to expect everyone I ask to be able to do this now. If I start with the four people I am looking for, that will be great. If I start with two or three, or even just the one who has already said “yes” I am going forward and keeping my part of the agreement. It is what it is.

The first part of this discipleship program is for each of the members to start with four people who they intend to pray for–in whatever way is helpful–and to ask that each of them agree to find four people who will agree to do the same.  Not only does this give all of us a commitment, but if we have a few layers in this pyramid we can have a blanket of prayer over our community. If each of us keeps praying and asking more “people of peace” to join us, we can have a blanket of prayer over our state and our nation and our world.

I talked about this in our American Gospel group this morning–it just accidentally came up (Okay, so Holy Spirit may have had something to do with it, but it wasn’t part of MY plan.) I told some of them about more of the plan, about how a person like me who didn’t really believe in modern prophets and miracles was given a prophecy a decade ago and how it seems to be coming to fruition in ways that I didn’t expect and how I had been acquiring materials for this group for years while waiting for the signal to bring it out and share in the coming revival (not sure that’s really the right term, but it’s the closest I can get to explaining it briefly) that is being brought on through disciples making disciples and a return of the people of the way to the true WAY that is Jesus.

So far the plan is to mete out information about this group at our meetings until I have a few commitments and we have finished the program we are working through. (Or God reveals something different or sets a start date.) I really don’t have a plan for what we will be doing. I have asked a friend who is a pastor for help and I’m sure he’ll have ideas. And I’m getting much better at listening for God’s plan so that I really don’t need much more than that.

Here’s how I’m seeing this as we start:

Getting together to talk about Jesus over meals or coffee

Going into the sanctuary at church and praying for the presence and blessing of God for this place and for the removal of all things evil.

Inviting the group over to watch a Christian video or to talk about Jesus.

Walking around areas in our community and praying for God’s blessing for the people there.

Talking to anyone who wants to talk while we are praying about who we are and what we’re doing.

Visiting other churches or other Bible studies together

Asking local ministers, priests and rabbis to join us for discussions.

Holding prayer vigils for the church and for our community.

Having informal worship services in homes or parks.

Being comfortable offering to pray in a variety of situations including public prayers by taking turns leading the group in prayer and making opportunities available.

Being comfortable sharing the gospel with friends and acquaintances by practicing with one another.

Visiting people from church in the hospital or nursing home together and praying with them. (Being open to talk to anyone who approaches us or shows interest.)



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