GET-O-LIFE is the online screen name and offline business name of Bonnie Rice, author of LOVE HAS ITS UPS AND DOWNS, WHATEVER WORKS, and other self-help books, articles and newsletters. The publishing company started in 1990 and has maintained a web presence in some form from that point forward. It has always been more of a part-time hobby than a business, but that is due to change in 2012, when GET-O-LIFE will be marketing several books and other materials at one time.

This blog launch is part of the preparation for the variety of new materials we expect to have available by the end of 2011. Please stay tuned. It could get interesting.

Product lines that will be available in 2012 will include:

  • “The Bipolar Spouse Project” with the book LOVE HAS ITS UPS AND DOWNS: with a bipolar spouse
  • “The Home Organization Project” with the books WHATEVER WORKS, STONE SOUP, and BURNT OFFERINGS
  • “The Gifted to Distraction Project” with the book LIFE IS COMPLICATED (working title)

Each project will have a web presence with articles, downloads, forums, newsletters and email discussion lists. All of the projects will be under the GET-O-LIFE banner and will be linked where topics overlap as they often do.


Bonnie Rice is a housewife and mother of four adult children. Her first grandchild, Ayden was born in spring of 2011. She has been struggling to get her life organized for most of her life and has come to realize that whether it’s babies, mental illness, distractibility or just too much passion about too many things, that being organized isn’t about having a place for everything and everything in its place, but about being able to live in peace, to keep track of your belongings in a way that is comfortable for you, to keep track of your time so that you don’t miss out on the important stuff or the fun stuff, to have everything you want without having  to have everything by knowing your own true desires and priorities.


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