LOVE HAS ITS UPS AND DOWNS: with a bipolar spouse–Can this marriage be saved? Can I support someone with bipolar disorder without losing my own mind? Will I ever dig out from the chaos? Not only can you survive a marriage with a bipolar spouse, but it is possible, with this instruction manual, to enjoy a real partnership in spite of or even because of the disorder. Marriages that seemed hopeless before, lifestyles that seemed out of reach because of the illness, become more than possible. It becomes possible for you. (available in eBook at most online bookstores and at, and coming soon in paperback)

LOVE HAS ITS UPS AND DOWNS: the workbook–This is a downloadable file with all the forms described in LOVE HAS ITS UPS AND DOWNS eBook. It comes in PDF and WORD formats so that you can print out the forms and fill them out or copy the file pages and fill them out on your computer. This FREE workbook will be available winter of 2011)

WHATEVER WORKS is the home organization non-system for people who have tried all the systems and gimmicks and who have been let down by all of them. It’s not your fault. One-size-fits-all systems were designed for people who are naturally organized and want to be even moreso. This is a book full of tools, tricks and techniques that you can pick and choose to design the perfect system for yourself. I won’t make you put on shoes or fill out file cards or even keep a detailed schedule of your day–I will explain how those tools work and who they are likely to work for and let you be the judge of what will work for you.(available spring of 2012)


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